Doctor Victor Proctor is, along with Nilly and Lisa, the protagonist of the "Doctor Proctor" series of books. He lives on Cannon Avenue in the blue house, at the end of the street. In the pictures within the book Proctor appears to have a white bushy beard and sometimes glasses - the "mad scientist" look!

He doesn't appear to take care of his home as in book 2, the garden was very unkempt and untidy with the grass described as overgrown. The Doctor appears to also be very lonely, which is why he easily befriended Nilly and Lisa-- no one else on Cannon Avenue seemed to care about him. He loves his friends, however, and also creating new, ingenious inventions. He also likes to make pear jelly to share with Nilly and Lisa. The love of his life was Juliette Margarine, a French girl he befriended in college. In the second book, Time Travel Bath Bomb, Proctor decides to find Juliette.

In the movie adaptation of the books, Doctor Proctor is played by an actor as the film is live action. He is played by Kristoffer Joner.


Some of Doctor Proctor's friends are Nilly, Lisa, Juliette Margarine (girlfriend), Raspa (formally), Joan of Arc, Gustave Eiffel, The Commandants, Mr. Galvanius, Petter, The King of Norway, and The secret Gourds.


Mr.Thrane, Officer Fu Manchu, Officer Handlebar, Claude Cliche, The Moon Chameleons, and The Crunch Brothers are some of Proctor's rivals.


As you probably know, Doctor Proctor is well-known in the story for his wacky inventions. Here is a list of some of them-

1.Totally-Normal Fart Powder: A pear-flavored powder that makes you fart- and, the farts are odorless!

First appearance: Book #1

2. Fartronaut Powder: A very loud powder that makes you fart up into the sky.

First appearance: Book #2

3. French Nose Clips: Nose clips that make the user able to speak french.

First appearance: Book #2

4. Time soap: A special soap that when put in a bathtub, allows the bather to time-travel to wherever they desire. The bathtub isn't the thing that does allows you to time-travel, though- just the soap.

First appearance: Book #2

5. Double-deaf earmuffs: Earmuffs that kill 100% of all sound. Originally invented to prevent him from hearing the loud bang from the Fartronaut Powder.

First appearance: Book #3

6. Strength tonic: Gives the user incredible strength.

First appearance: Book #3

7. Balancing Shoes: Shoes that help you balance on any surface.

First appearance: Book #3

8. Multilingual Pills: Raspberry-flavored pills that allow you to speak a different language, in their case, english. Like the french nose clips, except they don't make your voice sound funny when using them.

First appearance: Book #4

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