Fart Powder

The cover for Fart Powder, showing Nilly trying out the fartronaut powder.

                                       Warning: CONTAINS SPOILERS!!

Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder is the first book in the Fart Powder saga. It was release in 2008 in Norway, and    late 2010 in the USA.

Plot: The book starts off with a boy named Nilly [also known as "William"], who has just moved to Oslo, Norway, and makes friends with a timid girl named Lisa. Also, Nilly discovers that other than Lisa's house, he also lives next to a blue house, which is the home of Doctor Proctor. After Nilly plays his trumpet to practice for band class, he meets Proctor [Apparantly, Nilly's trumpet playing amused Proctor, because it reminded him of some seasick goats on a ship making a weird noise]. Doctor Proctor has invented some crazy things, such as a nose-clip that enables you to speak french, but the one thing that stood out to Nilly the most was a powder that lets you fart! Best of all, the farts are odorless! Nilly is so excited, he later intoduces Lisa to Doctor Proctor. But, while they are having fun, they accidentally create another powder that makes you fart so hard, you blast up into the sky! This excites Nilly and Lisa so much, they want to sell the powder to all of the kids at school... And they did. However, while everybody else is having fun, Nilly also gave the powder to the two school bullies, Truls and Trym Thrane. They think that this powder is too dangerous, so they call the cops and Nilly and Proctor. This is especially a problem, because Norwegian Independence Day [May 17th] is coming up, and Nilly had just gotten the idea to use the fartronaut powder INSTEAD of fireworks! While they are in jail, Lisa has nobody with her to help her while Truls, Trym, and their dad steal the powder. But then, Nilly has an escape plan! He flushes himself down the toilet in the jail cell, and works his way through the sewers, in order to stop the evil Thrane family. Even though he may have had to escape the stomach of an anaconda, venture through a slimy sewer, and blast right out of the sewers, he did it. Proctor just talked to the cops, that's how he escaped. Luckily, the Thranes were stopped just in time, and Norwegian Independence Day was fart-tastic! Mr. Thrane even got eaten by the anaconda.


Running gag: Nilly keeps doing "simple math".

-This is Jo Nesbo's first book targeted towards kids.

-Mrs. Strobe is simular to some of the teachers in Captain Underpants.

-In reality, Norway isn't really that small.

-All of the other books mention WWII, but this book is the only one in the series that does not.

-On all the other book covers, the words "Fart Powder" are on the top, but for this book, they are printed on the BOTTOM.