Gregory Galvanius [a.k.a. 'Mr. Hiccup'] is a character from Fart Powder, who first appeared in book #3, 'Who cut the Cheese'. He became mutated by one of Doctor Proctor's inventions a long time ago, and now, he is human-frog hybrid. He is also a teacher at Dolgen School, and has strong frog instincts. After all, he sleeps in a bathtub at home, his garage is full of flies that he caught, he can jump very high into the air, and has a very long tongue. Nilly and Lisa thought that he was behaving strangely, because he had been hypnotized by the Moon Chameleons, but he doesn't even have a TV to be watching the Norovision Choral Throwdown! Also, the reason why he hiccups so much, is because all of those "hiccups" are really small frog croaks. His weakness is listening to BABA music, because the lead singer of that band was his girlfriend, and listening to her reminded him of the happiest time of his life- kissing her. But now, listening to her makes him sad, because when Proctor accidentally frog-ified him, his girlfriend was scared of his frog tongue, and didn't want to be with him anymore.

G r e g o r y G a l v a n i u s [ M r . H i c c u p ]
Friends: Nilly, Lisa, Perry, Mrs. Strobe, Doctor Proctor [kind of]
Age: In human years, unknown [in his 30's?]. Also unknown in frog years. 

Interests: Unknown

First Appearance: Who Cut the Cheese

Signature quote: "Hiccup!"


-Despite the fact that he's part frog, his appearance looks 100% human

-The BABA song Waltzing King makes him not do anything

-In real life, frogs make more of a 'croak' sound than a 'hiccup.'