Nesbo is a norwegian crime author of many different adult books, such as "Crime Fiction" and "Short Stories." Also, he has written all of the 'Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder' books, which are actually inteded for kids. So far, there are 4 different books in the Fart Powder series-

1.Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder [released in 2008 in Norway, and December 2010 in America]

2. Fart Powder: Bubble in the Bathtub [released in 2009 Norway, October 2011 in USA]

3. Fart Powder: Who cut the Cheese [released in 2010 in Norway, November 2012 in USA]

4. Fart Powder: The Magic Fruit [released in 2012 in Norway, October 2013 in USA]

Also, Mike Lowrey is the illistrator for these books, and Tara Chace translates them.

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