Lisa and Nilly

Lisa Pederson

First appearance

Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder


around 10 years old



Birth place

Oslo ,Cannon Ave.


Pink shirt and pants




Nilly, Helping Dr.Proctor, Nilly's daily finger puppet show, Adventures with Doctor Proctor, Juliette and Proctor's relationship


Evil, Truls and Trym's pranks, Confucian



Lisa is another friend of Nilly and Proctor's. She has dark-braided hair, and usually wears a pale pink shirt.

She is best friends with Nilly and is the more sensitive of the two. However we do see in the books that Lisa may harbour a little affection for Nilly and seems to have a crush on him. For example, in Bubble in the Bathtub when she, Nilly and Joan of Arc were trapped in a jail cell, and Joan appeared to be flirting a little with Nilly, Lisa seemed to get quite grumpy and angry toward her.

Lisa is often very emotional when her friends are missing or in danger - again, especially Nilly! and tends to err on the side of caution (and worry a little) before Nilly encourages her, such as when they were debating about going to Paris in Bubble in the Bathtub.

Lisa reveals in The Magic Fruit that she is somewhat jealous of Nilly as he seems to have all the 'adventure' of the two - for example he is the one who uses the Frost Fluid, and a majority of the fartonaut powder. However she has little self confidence and helps the gang in other important ways.

In her spare time when she is not with Doctor Proctor or Nilly, Lisa enjoys practising for the Dolgen School Marching Band.


1. Nilly

2. Doctor Proctor

3. Juliette Margarine

4. Joan of Arc

5. The Commandants (father and mother)

6. Eva

7. Gustave Eiffel

8. Mrs.Strobe (Teacher)

9. Raspa

10. Anna [her old friend from Sarpsborg, and the other Anna she met in Innebrede]

11. Gregory Galvanius

12. The King of Norway


1.Truls Thrane

2.Trym Thrane

3. Mr.Thrane

4. Cliche

5. Moon Chameleons

6. Butler Ake [who is discuised as a moon chameleon]

7. The Crunch Brothers

8. Mama Crunch