Moon chameleons are aliens from the Moon, that appeared only in book #3 [Who cut the Cheese, or WCTC]. Like normal chameleons, they can blend in with their surroundings and seemingly turn invisible. The three main moon chameleons are named Yodolf Staler, Goran, and Tandorra. Their main goal is to take over the world, and throw everybody in the world onto a gigantic waffle iron. Yodolf attempted to do this by taking over a singing competition called the Norovision Choral Throwdown", and discuising as a man named "Havard Tenorsen," and making everybody do what he says. Nilly, Lisa, Proctor, and Mr. Hiccup could all tell who was hypnotized and who wasn't, because the people who were watching the show were acting strangely. They were saying yes to everything Yodolf said, and developing certain speech inpediments, such as saying "vee" instead of "we", and saying "sheese" instead of "cheese."