R a s p a

Friends: Doctor Proctor (formerly) Nilly, Lisa

'Age': Unknown, now deceased.
Interests: Science
First appearance: Doctor Proctor's Time Travelling Bath Bomb / Bubble in the Bathtub
Signature quote: Nothing can change history other than death. Because then you disappear into time yourself.


Raspa was once Doctor Proctor 's assistant. In fact, it was really her who created the Time Bath Bomb. She remained his assistant until Proctor announced he met a woman on the street and that he had fallen in love with her.

Raspa was the cause for the events in Bubble in the Bathtub, due to her jealousy toward Juliette Margarine. This is because Raspa herself had fallen in love with Proctor and thought that maybe, her and Proctor would have a chance together.

Though at first she seemed quite mean we see at the end of the book that Raspa isn't quite all she seems. We see how she sacrifices her life so that Joan of Arc could live, and was quite comforting toward Lisa and Nilly on occasions.