Warning: Contains Spoilers!Edit

'The Magical Fruit' is the 4th book in the Fart Powder series. It was released in 2013 in the United States and United Kingdom, and in 2012 in Norway. 

In this book, Norway's only golden brick gets stolen from the bank, by 3 criminal masterminds known as the 'Crunch Brothers.' However, bank inspection is coming up this Monday! So, it's up to Nilly, Lisa, and Proctor to get that brick back- just in time for the inspection. Once they all go to England, where the Crunch Brothers live, the search begins. Nilly discuises himself with a mask of Maximus Rublov, and pretends that he is also a criminal like the Crunch Brothers. After a while, he finally sneaks his way into the bank of London, the most well-protected bank in all of the UK. After making his way through, using inventions like 'Doctor Proctor's Frost Fluid', he finally gets to the bank vault, and retrieves the brick for the Bank of Norway! However, it soon gets stolen again by the real Maximus Rublov. He has also melted down the gold, into the shape of a trophy! Now, there is only one way to get it back- by winning a soccer game. Lisa, Nilly, and Proctor are on England's least favorite team, the Rotten Hams. They are also facing England's best team, with the best player in England, evil Ibranaldovez. Inspection day for the bank of Norway is only a day away, though! Luckily, the Rotten Hams won the game- all thanks to the fartronaut powder! Back in Oslo, the inspection went perfect, and and everybody celebrates with Jell-o.


- There is a real chant that says "Beans, beans, the magic fruit - the more you eat, the more you toot! which is where Nesbo got the inspiration for the title of the book. However, another fitting title for this book would be "Go For the Gold."

- First appearances of The Secret Gourds, and Petronella.

- Nilly's codename was 'Sherl', when Sherl is usually a girl's name. However, with Nilly's codename as 'Sherl' and Lisa's as 'Ockholmes', their codenames are a homage to the popular fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.

- This is the only book so far to have an epilogue at the end.

- Running gag: The chapters keep having incredibly long names.

- This is also the only book where no characters die


Nilly kicking a soccer ball with his butt