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                      *CONTAINS SPOILERS!!*                             "Who cut the Cheese" is the third book in the Fart             Powder series. This one was released in 2010 in                      Norway, and in 2012 in the USA.

   Once again, Lisa and Nilly are going on another adventure. But this isn't at all like the other adventures that they've had- This time, they're actually saving the world!!

    The summary for this book says "Everybody's watching the hot singing competion of TV [Norovision Choral Throwdown], exept for Nilly, Lisa, Proctor, and Gregory Galvanius [a man who is half-human, half-frog]. And that's why they don't get hypnotized by the space aliens that have taken over the show [The moon chameleons- Yodolf Staler who is discuising as Havard Tenorsen, Goran, and Tandoora]. Next, the aliens plan to take over the world! But wait, could fart powder save everything? Let 'er rip!"


-This book marks the first appearances of Gregory Galvanius [Mr. Hiccup], The King of Norway, and Petter.

-Even though the summary says that fart powder will probably save everything, it actually doesn't- The  Cannon Avenue band, playing a pop on Doctor Proctor's giant motercycle, did. Chapter 29 is even called  "A  Pop Song Saves the World. Maybe."

-This book contains no references to the previous book, exept for the fact that Nilly still has Perry with him,  and that Julliette Margarine has returned from Paris.

-This is the first book so far to show a picture with Mrs. Strobe

-Moon chameleons aren't really BAD spellers if they just forgot one letter in "Dølgen Schol Marching Band.

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